I believe in the capacity of every single person

of contributing beautifully to human community through the generous offering of his individual attributes, capacities and authenticities for the improvement and development of the wider, universal community of living beings as a whole.
Prone to be constantly developed, renewed and improved together with my own inner progress and polishing and with no other intention than benefiting others,

this is my tiny offering of Love to the world. 

Welcome to a space for spiritual inspiration.

For the inauguration of existential inquiries and the search for disclosures.
A space for the opening of your own Path.
A space for the discovery of your Potential and the peregrination through Paths to unfold it.
A space to transform your ailments into Beauty,
To open the way to new avenues of internal exploration,
And to find encouragement to walk them.
To feel accompanied in your Path of Inner Search and Development.

A space to recreate yourself 

and flourish from the Void that constitutes you.

A space to explore who you have come to be,
And aspire to Transcend.

This is a space for deconstruction of patterns.
For radical transformation.
For transmutation of the inevitable existential dissatisfaction in an active, enthusiastic and conscious search for Meaning.
A space for quest.

Bhaktibalena is a compound word in Sanskrit which means "With the Power of Devotion":
This is a field to worship Beauty as a Value,
And prostrate at the feet of what Gives Sense to the experience of being alive.

Welcome to Bhaktibalena!




Relevant footnote:
Nothing that I share in this space belongs to me nor comes directly from me: My authorship is just an interdependent outcome of inspiration and glimpses of wisdom that I have received from an infinite network of beings. In particular, it is a creative elaboration of the kindness that I have received from my teachers through their teachings, and that according to my ability and with joyous commitment, I choose to deliver to the world.




Happy Practice

Advice and reflections to make of one's daily spiritual practice a more fresh and vibrant exercise, from beginner to beginner.

Becoming an Agent of Peace

This is a section of the blog empowered you to  become that change you wish to see in the world through the transformation of your own mind, and thus, your way of abiding in it.

The Path into Poetry

The verse: a vehicle.
The Path expresses itself
through the looseness of the voice.
And It bestows the lyrical ointment
of ailments
transformed into wisdom
which leads to the Ultimate Truth.

The Lucid Journey

My personal reflections on the Path to enlightenment.

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