Seeing others under the light of desire objectifies them, and imposes on them the burden of having to fulfill our attachments.

Seeing others under the light of love is connecting our own purity with theirs, and lifting them with our minds up to the realization of their full potential: to abide in the universe infinitely in a peerless state of happinness, wisdom and universal compassion.

Desire views the other person as a pleasure-giving machine, and confined in the frame of linear time, expects to fulfill each one of its wished pleasures through the body and companion of the other being.

Love upholds the presence of the other with the thought: "May you be happy", "May you fulfill your potential"; while desire misconceives the other person as a gratification-giver object and thinks "You abide in this world to feed my apetite for constant pleasure, comfort and satisfaction".

The anxiety, fear and aversion in relation to losing the so desired one, arise in dependence on the misconception of the other person as a flawless, permanent entity who has come into existence (and luckily into our lives!) to bring us constant release of our existential anguish and to make us feel that we deserve to be recognised as special, unique and indispensable.

Love makes the mind clear, calm and stable in its purity of good-will,
Love keeps the mind focused in virtue.

 His Holiness the Dalai Lama meditating, always focused in how to benefit others.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama meditating, always focused in how to benefit others.

Attachment makes the mind obscured, agitated and unstable in its insatiable aim to gain material and emotional profit from the other being.

Desire makes the mind distracted and unable to focus on anything positive. Attachment is always obsessed with what it can get from others, while love is always dwelling in the joy of reflecting on how He can give more and better.

Attachment thinks in the short-term gain it can extract from the other person, while love is far-sighted and assesses what is of most benefit for all beings in the long-term.

Attachment is a wandering mind and egoistic way of relating to others.
Love is an alignment and commitment with the Truth.


What insights have you gained from working on distinguishing attachment from love in your mind?
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