Only for today I practice active listening.

Just for today I take a vow in the morning: for 24 hours, I choose virtuous speech.

I reject the urge to relate the other's story to my own experience,

to give him a sincere and vast space to be heard in fullness.

Just for today I stop at the urge to give my opinion about everything. And I discover that sometimes not having an opinion comoletely formed, does not make me passive: it makes me free.

Just for today I practice voluntary silence to observe how my mental state determines the motivation of all my actions and words.

Just for today I am silent to become conscious.

Just for today I stop filling the silence with the compulsive habit of commenting on everything that happens around me.

Just for today I listen to what the other has to express from beginning to end, stopping the habit of interrupting.

Only for today I refrain from commenting on the life of the other: the fruit of an infinite inner world that is unknown to me.

Only for this day did I dignify the presence of the other giving him importance, asking him more about how he is with sincere interest, than desiring to express in excessive measure what I feel.

Just for today I pay attention to his name when another human being appears before me. Only for today I do specially cherish to the existence of the other.

Only for today I respect the space and silence of the other person by modulating the tone of my voice and being careful with the sonority of my movements.

Only for today did I stop singing and shouting when the other is focused on his work. I don't need to be loud to be heard.

Just for today I notice my tendency to speak compulsively just so that the other may notice my presence. (And being quietly working over me, I discover how valuable I am, even though the other person does not pay attention to me).

Just for today I give value to my word, using it to participate in the creation of a world of honest men. Just for today I speak the truth.

Only for today  I choose my words carefully, and I choose them lovingly: because I know that as to me, no human being is grateful for insult or sarcasm.

I use only my eloquence to express constructive ideas, not to persuade the other with selfish motives, wanting him to be aware of my intelligence.

Just for today I propose a (re) solution, an alternative, a hope, instead of remaining confined to the expression of the complaint.

Just for today I refrain from venting my negativity, polluting every environment of which I am part. Just for today I celebrate how much my sense of humor and my patience can soften even the most tense situations.

Just for today I recognize that sometimes I speak nonsense only to feel special and important, and I give a playful battle to my ego choosing to keep quiet (laughing at complicity with myself) when I see this motivation.

Just for today I notice a reservoir of immense energy available to work for what is really important,

my mental peace is increased,

I contribute to the peace of the other,

only by being aware of my speech,

just for choosing to stay silent,

only by giving Meaning to my silence

and to the World-creative Power of my Voice.

And tomorrow
having discovered the benefit of my practice,
after  rejoicing in my effort,
I joyfully try once again.