the form a sentient being is manifesting at this particular moment (not exclusive to human beings), the recognition that it is much more more what we share with him/her and unites us,  than that which differentiates and separates us, opens us to the possibility of developing the ability to feel close to all.

How to develop this closeness in a practical way? Very simple: Using the immeasurable power of our mind to transform itself. The neuroscientific discovery of neuroplasticity redeems us from the passive victimistic position in which we believe and define ourselves as pre-established and conditioned entities to be in a certain way, forever: By force of habit, we can activate new neuronal circuits, establishing new thought patterns and conduct that are beneficial, and diminishing and eliminating others that oppose our well-being or that of others.

There are certain universal and essential truths and certain potentials that we share without exception with all other living beings. What is true beyond the racial differences, nationality or personality traits that we manifest is that we human beings feel whole, fulfilled and serene when we can enjoy of good interpersonal relationships, in which we can deploy the best of ourselves and see others deploying their potential as well. We feel at ease, comfortable and as safe refugees in the presence of another who treats us with respect, who holds us in a loving and compassionate look and believes in our possibility of growth and expansion. Just thinking about a person who treats us and loves in this way will ameliorate any feelings of helplessness or lack of self-confidence that we may be experiencing. And we all find this point of reference because we have some time counted or we are counting now with someone like that in our lives.

Can you imagine becoming such a person for any being that crosses your path?

Learning to develop closeness with others (with all others, transcending the categories of friend, enemy and stranger - which we will see later in another post), can be our more comforting, enriching and conducive to our genuine and stable well-being act of conscious daring,  independent of external circumstances.

As His Holiness the Dalai Lama proclaims, human beings have the power of thought and will. Therefore, there is nothing that we can not achieve until the point when we become our own master.

Would you encourage yourself to put into practice these new ways of thinking with respect to others?
And if you already know them, do you commit to deepen their practice?


Your commitment with your conscious development is your alliance with peace.


1- The look of love:

This is a sentient being who wishes to be happy just like me. May it be so for him/her.
















2- The look of compassion:

This is a sentient being who wishes to be free from suffering just as me. May it be so for him/her.

                                                   3- The look of rejoicing:

This being has deployed numberless acts of kindness since time without beginning, and he/she will keep on deploying them. I rejoice in each one of them and wish them to be multiplied.

This person possesses many good qualities (even if I am personally unaware of them or incapable of perceiving them right now). I rejoice in each one of them and wish them to develop further.







4- The essential look:

Neuroscience has recently discovered that human's nature is essentialy good. (See Richard Davidson's discoveries for more information)
Whenever you encounter someone, you can think: This being holds the same innate goodness as me (regardless of the personality she may be manifesting at this moment).

May she connect with her loving nature.












5- The transcendental look:

This person possesses the same potential to get enlightened as myself, to develop infinite wisdom and compassion (regardless of which stage of the path he or she is in at the moment). I wish that she can fulfill that potential.


I invite you to comment on your personal discoveries and share the inspiration so that others can also prove to themselves that they are not impotent beings in the face of confusion and adversity; that they can become agents of peace in this world.


I believe in your potential.

And yourself?