How wonderful if all sentient beings
in each other's good fortune
sincerely rejoiced!
How wonderful, 
because goodness is abundant
and we would always find sources
from which to enjoy.

How wonderful if generosity
was a genuine state of mind for all, 
and everyone was willing
to give to others whatever is needed
without any sense of loss.

How wonderful if the breeze of contentment
made the fever of greed
cool down and subside!
How wonderful if instead of possessions, 
we seeked Refuge and Meaning in a True Guide!

How wonderful if altruism
were the vitalization of all, 
if every time someone called to our door, 
"How can I help?" would be our first thought.

How wonderful if all sentient beings
tasted the nectar of their pure nature, 
and not satiated, 
earnestly strove for more!
How wonderful if, disenchanted with feeble worldly pleasures, 
all creatures got together
in their pursuit for Liberation's True Joy.

How wonderful, how wonderful,
if Love were our ceaseless, radiant state of mind
and this world would become a pure bountiful land!
Because Beauty is what ripens
when the heart is aligned
with That Which is Kind.