The rain turns to storm, the storm into hail,
And snow, and icy wind that evolves in a furious tornado.
The burst flies the fear of movement away by force, like a squall exhaled from the mouth of a wrathful deity.
You are called to be reborn.
The time is now.

Open your hands to release the old that fades the pure water of your primordial sap,
get naked in the open: know yourself vulnerable. Humility will clothe you with spiritual strength.
With the same open hand with which you let go of your fear, remain uncovered, empty of expectations and thirsty to receive the experience that drives you closer to Awakening.
Open yourself to surprise: remember that karma works in favor of the heart that acts with courage.
Do not expect anything from anyone, but be attentive to soaking in the kindness of the strangest and most silky hands of others: prepare yourself to weep with gratitude and joy.
Do not ask for anything, but receive it all: It is time for you to realize that an infinite plot of kind beings clothes you with love.
That thing: love.

The times of change will be intense: jolts of foundations, swirls of emotion.
My human sister advice:
Try to keep the intensity neutral,
put your hope in a safe Refuge, beyond the swings of this world.
Do not let your mind drown in the useless waste of energy of negativity (what an existential redundancy).
Do not drown in your own sea: you are the very vastness of the ocean blue.
Dive boldly into the gloom of the deep, but do not suffocate in the pursuit of the treasure in its darkness. Remember: if you look up, you will breathe once again.
Flutter after flutter, you will become unbeatable in the art of swimming.

The more furious the burst, the more you can taste the strength of your erect silhouette and your roots extended to the depth. Mother Earth sustains you, but it needs your roots to sponsor the outbreak of your majesty.
Keep calm in the eye of the hurricane: that calm that rests in the confidence that the wind will throw you to a better place ... a better interior space where to dwell.

Brother, the ground will be sinuous under your feet and the puddles of the storm will soak your toes of indecision... but do not hesitate in the face of the fear of the occult. Put Love at every step: He will anoint them with firmness.

Surrender to the mystery of those spaces that you have not yet inhabited, those unknown ways, shortcuts never walked: in the dreaded darkness, your boldness will ignite the light of your maturity, and you will be victorious when sharing that light with us all. And when I say all, I mean all:
We will celebrate your Courage human brother!,
knocking down the wall of fear,
overcoming the laziness that hinders the movement towards the happy future of true progress and expansion ... those two belonging to the heart.
We will celebrate your Courage appeasing a little more the darkness of the miseries of the world,
Your Courage as an emblem inspiring every creature to be encouraged to be reborn into Love.