The work applied to the transformation of one’s own mind, when undertaken with the right motivation, can bear fruit as our offering of peace to the world, can resonate with the loving echo of contributing to the happiness of all beings.
— Melisa Biondi

Let's be part of the #BraveHeartsRevolution




Intending to follow His Holiness the Dalai Lama's advice of spreading Human Values, the advantages of loving-kindness and the disadvantages of anger in a secular way, with the support of Science and common sense, these spaces for inner development are oriented towards:

  • The coherent, progressive and sincere transformation of destructive emotional patterns that reinforce alienation;
  • The growing development of expansive internal qualities that favor spiritual maturity;
  • The alignment with the purpose of achieving peace and well-being in commitment to contribute to the peace and well-being of all beings.

Workshops, seminars AND RETREATS

Facilitation of workshops, seminars and retreats about Buddhist Psychology in a secular way, Non-Violent Communication and Universal Values.

These spaces for inner work are designed within the framework of the conjunction between Western Psychology, Neuroscience and Eastern Wisdom in the pursue of unfolding the grandious potential of our minds.














Integration of body and mind

  • Presentation of theory
  • Sitting Analytical meditation
  • Sitting Stabilizing meditation (mindfulness)
  • Walking meditation
  • Body emotional healing exercises
  • Chi Kung and Tai Chi exercises.
  • 9 round breathing.
  • Group exercises.
  • Discussion groups.
  • Therapeutic Writing.

Sometimes co-led with professionals specialized in Transpersonal Psychology and teachers of related disciplines.

Facilitations are offered in English and Spanish.



May all beings have happiness and the causes of happiness!
may all beings be free from suffering and the causes of suffering!


 Previous Workshops and Retreats

"A Peaceful and Happy Mind" in Mozambique

The Science and Practice of Changing the Mind for the Benefit of Ourselves and Others

 in June, 2017 in Vilankulo, Mozambique, with some brave human hearts prodecent from Mozambique, South Africa and Germany, we immersed ourselves in a six-day semi retreat in which we used the supportive tools of theory, meditation, chi kung, body emotional work and discussion groups to work towards developing the good qualities in our minds. We worked bravely to recognise our destructive emotional patterns and to develop the inner qualities that lead to our happiness and contribute to the happiness of all others: love, compassion, gratitude, rejoicing, forgiveness, patience, honesty, genuine self-confidence, humility, skillful means and any more.

Most of the participants had the responsability of being a leader in their lives, such as being school directors, owners of companies and organisations and diplomats. The work they have done, then, is of outmost relevance not only for themselves, but also for many other beings that they influence with their presence, the way they think, speak and act.

It has been a rejoicing having been able to share some of my time and little knowledge with them and being a witness of the courageous opening of their hearts. May their flourishing it bear fruit in the happiness and peace of all living beings in this world and the whole Universe.




Experiences of some participants